Why the list index start from 1 in the Ring programming language


It’s about how we count in the real world, when we have three apples in our hand

we say 1 2 3
We don’t start from 0

The question must be why the other languages start from 0 ?
The answer is, because this is related to the machine and how we deal with values and memory address


we have array called myarray[5]
in memory : myarray will have an address
The first item will be stored in that address
the second item will come after that address and so on
now when we need to point to the first item we need the address of myarray
so we type myarray[0] because myarray + 0 result will still point to the first item
for the second item myarray[1] because myarray + 1 result will point to the second item and so on

In Low Level languages or languages near to the machine it’s good to be like this

But for high level language designed for applications it’s better to be natural


mylist = [1,2,3,4,5]
for x = 1 to len(mylist)
see x + nl

in the previous example we start from 1 to the length of the array
if the index starts from 0 we will write

for x = 0 to len(mylist)-1

or remember the for loop in other languages

for(x=0 ; x<nMax ; x++ )

you will use the < operator !


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