List of the Ring programming language Keywords and Functions


The next information are useful for developers looking to support Ring in their favorite code editors







Count : 193
len() add() del() get() clock() lower() upper() input()
ascii() char() date() time() filename() getchar()
system() random() timelist() adddays() diffdays()
isstring() isnumber() islist() type() isnull()
isobject() hex() dec() number() string() str2hex()
hex2str() str2list() list2str() left() right()
trim() copy() substr() lines() strcmp() eval()
raise() assert() isalnum() isalpha() iscntrl()
isdigit() isgraph() islower() isprint() ispunct()
isspace() isupper() isxdigit() locals() globals()
functions() cfunctions() islocal() isglobal()
isfunction() iscfunction() packages() ispackage()
classes() isclass() packageclasses() ispackageclass()
classname() objectid() attributes() methods()
isattribute() ismethod() isprivateattribute()
isprivatemethod() addattribute() addmethod()
getattribute() setattribute() mergemethods()
list() find() min() max() insert() sort()
reverse() binarysearch() sin() cos() tan()
asin() acos() atan() atan2() sinh() cosh()
tanh() exp() log() log10() ceil() floor() fabs()
pow() sqrt() unsigned() decimals() murmur3hash()
fopen() fclose() fflush() freopen() tempfile()
tempname() fseek() ftell() rewind() fgetpos()
fsetpos() clearerr() feof() ferror() perror()
rename() remove() fgetc() fgets() fputc() fputs()
ungetc() fread() fwrite() dir() read() write()
fexists() ismsdos() iswindows() iswindows64()
isunix() ismacosx() islinux() isfreebsd()
isandroid() windowsnl() mysql_info()
mysql_init() mysql_error() mysql_connect()
mysql_close() mysql_query() mysql_result()
mysql_insert_id() mysql_columns() mysql_result2()
mysql_next_result() mysql_escape_string()
mysql_autocommit() mysql_commit() mysql_rollback()
odbc_init() odbc_drivers() odbc_datasources()
odbc_close() odbc_connect() odbc_disconnect()
odbc_execute() odbc_colcount() odbc_fetch()
odbc_getdata() odbc_tables() odbc_columns()
odbc_autocommit() odbc_commit() odbc_rollback()
md5() sha1() sha256() sha512() sha384() sha224()
encrypt() decrypt() randbytes() download()
sendemail() loadlib() closelib() callgc()
varptr() intvalue()



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